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RMG will come to your location and completely go through each console one at a time and perform a "tune up".  These tune ups are done for the purpose of resolving any current issues you are having and more importantly they are in place to stay ahead of the problems so that your consoles stay as healthy as they can and 100% operational.  We work on all manufactures of consoles.  


Our service tech will make an appointment with dispatch supervisor to come to your facility to do the following:

  • Tie up any loose console cabling

  • Repair any inside or outside doors

  • Re-level doors if needed

  • Fix or replace pigtail/connection cables

  • Replace any up/down switches if any on hand

  • Re-level work surfaces

  • Re-level any up/down legs

  • Adjust any monitors, arrays systems, legs or slat walls

  • Fix any environmental issues such as fans or heaters (with parts on site)


Other items:
Re-cabling total console is not part of this but can be included

Cleaning of console is not part of this but can be included