During these times, cleaning is vital to your dispatchers health and safety.

Each console is first vacuumed using 3-stage HEPA Filtration and Sealed HEPA Filtration Filters
1.    Entire console is vacuumed to remove all dust particles which includes:
a.    Fabric panels inside and out
b.    All shelving units to include sides, bottoms, under tops  and tops
c.    All work surfaces (top/bottom)
d.    Spots will be cleaned if possible with water
2.    Vacuums are anit-static at 66phs
3.    Keyboards are all vacuumed/blown out with compressed air
4.    All fans in cavity shelves are blown out with compressed air and cleaned
5.    All fans in doors or on top of work surface are blown out and cleaned
6.    All filters for all fans are cleaned and/or replaced


Each console is then sprayed with a 99.99% Germicidal cleaner which
kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in 10 seconds. Contains no phosphorus. 

Consoles shelves are cleaned one at a time and wiped down with Germicidal cleaner
1.    All cables and electrical cords wiped down
2.    All shelves - tops, bottom and sides wiped down
3.    All support legs wiped down
4.    All Linak Legs wiped down
5.    All monitors wiped down with anti-static clothes
6.    All supporting array bars/equipment wiped down
7.    All table tops wiped down both top and under top

Keep your consoles safe from bacteria and viruses!

Clean and disinfect twice a year.