RMG is an independent sales, installation, cleaning and maintenance service firm which specializes in Disptach Consoles and 24/7 chairs for Communication, PSAP, 911 and Emergency Operation Centers focused in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas.

RMG's goal is to take the end user from conception of their dispatch room and consoles to life expectancy by performing certified installations, cleaning and regular maintenance of consoles for years after warranty has expired.

RMG offers full sales and service for Watson Consoles & Desking  along with Concept Seating 24/7 Chairs which include cleaning, tune-up service, soundproofing, monitor installation and cabling/wire cleanup.


RMG is a company built upon a strong foundation of customer service excellence, intense focus on quality from project conception to completion and beyond with steadfast integrity in 2005.

RMG has regionally based Service Technicians, who follow a best practice process including pre-service preparation, an implementation checklist and post-implementation follow up to ensure the project scope is accurately delivered.

RMG then can last the time with cleaning and service maintenance until your next round of furniture.


Built for the long-haul, Mercury Pro combines a robust steel structure with commercial-grade wood composite paneling, and a unique array of durable finishes that suit conventional and modern interiors.